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Frequently Asked Questions

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General Questions

Rebates are available through Medibank Private for Counselling. Hypnotherapy sessions are covered by most of the popular health funds. Please check your private health fund for cover as each health fund provider has their own limitations and guidelines may apply in relation to a rebate for Hypnotherapy.

Please see the Fees and Packages section regarding the cost of the session.  On the first session Tamika will make an assessment of the complexities of what you are dealing with and any underlying issues. At the end of the first session a program or plan of what is required will be discussed. If you are attending for some specific issue such as weight loss, quit smoking, stress etc., Tamika will structure a specific program for you which could be up to 4 sessions (click here to view fees and packages)

For general anxiety, phobias or stress, using a combination of Resource Therapy and Hypnotherapy, 1 or 2 sessions may be enough. Again this depends on any potential underlying issues.

Hypnosis is an altered state of consciousness where suggestions for positive change are offered through the power of suggestion. Relaxation techniques are used to induce a deep trance and then key words and guided imagery, help you to deeply relax. Whilst in this relaxed state, you will be given suggestions about how to bring about positive changes in behaviour.

Can anybody be hypnotised? The answer is yes, and no. Hypnosis is a natural state that we can all achieve. Although there can be varying degrees of trance state experienced.


Your willingness to experience Hypnosis will have a lot to do with the depth of trance and relaxation you can achieve.  There may well be psychological reasons which create resistance to being hypnotised, an example of this would be somebody who has deep control or trust issue, so they may not be willing to let go and fully relax into a hypnotic state.

Being hypnotised does not mean giving over control of your mind or body and you are not unconscious.  With Hypnosis your conscious mind goes into a deeply relaxed state where the subconscious mind is able to come to the forefront.

It comes back to being willing and wanting to be hypnotised, so being open to the hypnotic process is very important.  There is also a need for you to feel comfortable and safe. If you feel uncomfortable or do not connect with Tamika, you are wasting your time and money. Like when you meet somebody for the first time, you will feel a connection with them immediately, or not. Bearing this in mind, in some cases it may take some time to build trust prior to commencing any Hypnotherapy.

Yes. Whilst you are in a deeply relaxed state, Tamika will use positive suggestions to implement the desired change you want in your life, as well as challenge or regulate negative belief patterns.

These suggestions offered to you are filtered through your subconscious mind and your internal belief system will reject any suggestions that does not align with your core values. Therefore Tamika cannot ‘make’ you do anything that you don’t want to do.

Hypnotherapy is not suitable for:

  • Any person who suffers from a serious mental health condition should seek advice from their local Doctor before undergoing a program of hypnotherapy.
  • Anybody who is experiencing psychosis or schizophrenia should avoid hypnotherapy.
  • If you suffer from epilepsy and your seizures tend to happen when you are very relaxed, or during sleep, then deeply relaxing activities such as hypnotherapy may increase your risk of having seizures.
  • If you are under the influence of drugs or alcohol or if you are detoxifying or in the withdrawal state, hypnosis is not suggested until you have stabilized.

Hypnosis offers you the opportunity to have a break from your busy mind. You feel relaxed, peaceful and calm. People feedback experiences of weightlessness, or some experience heaviness or going into a dream like state.

Under trance you can hear what is being said, although at times the voice may seem distant. Some people have shared that they have only heard part of the session, as they go deeper and deeper into relaxation. When this occurs your unconscious mind is taking in all of the positive suggestions for change.

For some clients, an abreaction can occur during hypnotherapy, as the conscious, thinking, analytical mind is bypassed and the subconscious is accessed to bring past thoughts and feelings to the fore. An abreaction is an emotional or physical reaction caused by re-experiencing highly emotional thoughts and feelings associated with memory from a traumatic event. Some people experience symptoms of sobbing, heavy crying, shaking etc which can be aligned with a panic attack in therapy. Simply revisiting the repressed memory can be traumatising, however, Tamika uses an integrative approach, combining ResourceTherapy and Gestalt, where the initial traumatising event is safely addressed, expressed, removed and released, hence deep healing occurs.

During Hypnosis there is a diverse array of sensations, physical, sensory and emotional that you are likely to experience. It is an individual thing, hence the initial session may include a light relaxation at the onset and provide you with a relaxation recording to see how you respond to Hypnosis.

Absolutely, there is never a time where you will be asked to do something that you don’t want to do. At no point does the Hypnotic state involve being unconscious or asleep. You are in a deeply relaxed state where you can access your conscious state at any time.

Most people recall what is said during the Hypnotherapy session. This will depend on how deeply you go into trance. A very small percentage of clients have reported not remembering what was said, although it is important to remember that with Hypnosis, we bypass the conscious mind and the subconscious mind will have taken in everything that has been said.

Hypnotherapy has a very high success rate with many presenting issues. By using a collaborative approach and incorporating Resource therapy and Gestalt therapy with the Hypnotherapy, clients have been able to experience profound positive shifts (click here to view testimonials).  If you are willing to be open and welcome change, then fantastic results are possible.

So feel good about the fact that right now, reading this, you are in fact doing something different. So why not take that next step to take control back in your life (click here to view packages)

“If you don’t do anything different, nothing will change”

The first session is about gathering information and gaining an understanding of the presenting issue and exploring the reasons behind the presenting issue.

This involves inquiry into what has occurred in your life and what it is you specifically want to change and more importantly, your motivation to change.

The first session is always a longer session. This provides time to gain important information about your life, your beliefs and your patterns of behaviour. From this information, Tamika will tailor the hypnotherapy and suggestions used (plus the possibility of including Resource Therapy or Gestalt into the Hypnosis session) so you can have the best possible outcome.

The first session will usually run for 1 ½ hours. During this time, Tamika will gain some history and ask some questions, and encourage you to talk about “what’s on your mind” and what might be troubling you. No advice is given as you are the expert in your own life. Tamika will help you to find new ways to think about things and to find a new framework by which to consider things. The first session is about forming a relationship and for you to determine if Tamika is the right therapist for you. The session is an opportunity for you to talk through issues or experiences and for you to feel heard and fully supported in a non-judgmental way

No, you do not need a referral. Please contact Tamika at or on 0404884257 to make a booking.

Really any subjects or experiences are suitable for counselling. If you are at the stage where you say ‘something has to change and it’s me’ this is a good indication that you need some additional support.

Some common reasons why people seek out counselling include:

Yes, absolutely. Anything discussed within the counselling session will remain private and confidential.

The only time confidentiality is not kept within the confines of the session is if issues of child protection or any concerns around your own or the safety of others.

Tamika uses a range of different counselling and therapeutic approaches or counselling ‘modalities’ to offer assistance to you. These approaches include:

Gestalt Therapy, Resource Therapy and Hypnotherapy.

We all have different parts – the angry, sad, happy, motivated, anxious parts etc, but this is not who you are, it is merely how you are feeling and often one part will take over and make the other part wrong. Gestalt therapy sees you as a whole person and works towards integrating the parts of you. Gestalt therapy is therefore a very holistic form of therapy which focuses on contact/connection, awareness and being present in the here and now. The main empathises is on the therapeutic relationship which focuses on you feeling safe enough to explore feelings, beliefs and behaviours. The founder of Gestalt, Fritz Perls believed that by becoming aware of your feelings, reactions, thoughts and behaviours, that in any given situation, you have the ability to regulate your own actions and solve your own problems.

Gestalt therapy is body focussed therapy, which enables you to access feelings through the body, leading to a mind, body and soul connection. For more information please contact Tamika or click here to learn more

Yes some of the work Fritz Perl’s did appear confronting and he got some amazing results. Perl’s style may have appeared brusque, but what you need to remember is that these were demonstrations, so there was perhaps a bit of theatrics involved. Gestalt therapy is an ongoing therapy as a continual process, where the relationship between client and therapist is the key factor. Gestalt Therapy is respectful, safe and deals with you as a whole person – mind, body and soul. As a Gestalt therapist, Tamika believes that you already possess an innate inclination and predisposition to health and wholeness.  With Gestalt therapy there is no presumption or need to “fix” or “cure” anyone else. You are the expert in your own life.

The word experiment can feel exciting for some but scary for others. Yet experiments can be something as simple as just trying something different. ‘If you don’t do anything different, nothing with change’ and by trying something different you are experimenting with a new way of being.

Even the smallest movement or change can allow you to experience a new way of being and to build awareness of patterns of behaviour. An example of this could be a habitual pattern of slumping or sitting in a collapsed way and experimenting what it is like to sit up straight and look up.

Experiments can be graded to what feels comfortable for you. As an example if a client wanted to explore a more confident part, they may be invited to move around the room and act out how they would like to be. If this feels too much, the experiment could be graded down to sitting in a chair and embracing a more confident body posture.

Other experiments can be by way of:

  • Using the voice to own and affirm e.g. “It is OK for me to assert myself” or “It is OK for me to make my needs and feelings known”
  • Visualisation and fantasy – imaging a desired outcome etc.
  • Empty chair work – an opportunity to give each part of you a voice, e.g. the shy part and the confident part. This sort of first-person dialogue or interaction has immense potential to build awareness of possibilities, plus allows integration.
  • Awareness work – For verbal communication as well as non-verbal communication.
  • Breathe work – Drawing attention to the breath and breathing patterns.

Resource Therapy (also known as Advanced Ego State Therapy) is a brief psychodynamic therapy, where you are able to access different parts that may be lying dormant. These parts are called resources and we have many internal resources available to us – a bit like untapped gold. Accessing internal resources and allowing them to come forth, can assist you to cope with current challenges, crisis or life situations.

Resource Therapy is based on the idea that the personality is made up of different parts and that often one part can metaphorically get up and take over or drive your bus. Resource Therapy aligns beautifully with Gestalt insomuch as all parts are relevant and all parts have a right to express their feelings. Resource Therapy allows you to gain new awareness of emotional needs and addresses your issues in a direct manner, addressing that part of you that has taken control and accessing other parts. This therapy builds awareness of the inner terrain of your emotional world and highlights areas where you feel stuck. It is incredibly effective, direct, and fast and has shown permanent positive changes and results – click here to learn more

Clients have provided the following feedback after having Resource Therapy:

  • Have more awareness
  • Feel more integrated
  • Feel more able to self support and regulate emotions
  • Healed early trauma without being re traumatised.
  • Feel transformed
  • Feel more balanced
  • Feel more connected with myself
  • Have more acceptance of the different parts of me

Hypnosis or hypnotherapy session involves deeply relaxing your mind and body through guided visualisation, and focused attention to achieve a heightened state of awareness that is referred to as trance. Your attention is so focused while in this trance state that anything going on around you is out of your awareness.

The Hypnotherapy Tamika offers will back up or reinforce any psychotherapy or counselling covered in the sessions, hence whilst in this deeply relaxed state, thoughts, feelings and memories that may have been hidden from your conscious mind can be explored.

Hypnotherapy enables you to heal, reframe and perceive some things differently.