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Anger Management

Would you like to RESPOND rather than REACT? Often the feelings/emotions come up so quickly that the words, the bluster; the rage is out before we know what is happening.

The good news is YOU CAN learn to deal with anger in a healthy way.  It’s Ok to feel angry. Anger is just is a feeling that comes up when something is not right or you are being treated unfairly. Emotions are OK and it is Ok to feel angry.

What is not OK is to hurt other people or property by dumping your anger out into the world. Anger is the one feeling and emotion that I have come to understand most of us humans get wrong. There can be a sense of overdoing it or underdoing it or exploding or imploding – hurting others with our words or fists or hurting yourself by holding it in or being hard on yourself.

angerAnger is completely normal, healthy emotion to have, it is only when it gets out of control or explodes into rage that it is problematic. On the other end of the spectrum depression can be seen as ‘frozen anger’ which makes sense as you are ‘depressing’ or holding in your feelings.

In fact anger is not a bad thing to have around as it is necessary for survival. Anger responds to threats so if you have somebody wanting to attack your family, your energy hormones go up, with noradrenaline and adrenal changing your physiology, firing you up so you have the ability to defend yourself. It is when anger has control over you that it becomes problematic.

It is not so much about managing your anger, it is more about an attitudinal shift as well as learning to identify feelings and acknowledge that you have a right to feel the way you do and then make a conscious choice on how you can express your angry feelings in a clean way.

Working from a somatic or body approach, you will be able to get in contact with the messages your body gives you when you feel frustration creeping in and then engage the top part or the neo cortex part of the brain where you can make rational decisions about what needs to be done.

‘When the blood boils, don’t speak’ – Nelson Mandela


When you book a block of sessions, we can work together to look at what is beneath the anger, which is usually feelings like sadness or fear, and then we will work together to gain a new set of skills on ways to express all of your emotions in a healthy way.

Using an integrated approach with Gestalt, Resource therapy and Hypnotherapy, YOU can heal the past and give yourself permission to freely feel any feelings, including your anger. Contact Tamika or book here