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Eating Disorder program


Healthy Mind – Healthy Body – Healthy Weight.

How to be the best version of YOU

Want to shed some weight? Hypnosis does work and I have found that with the combination of Resource Therapy, Gestalt and the application of neuroscience, there has been amazing results and positive shifts. Using an integrative approach, we can look at the deeper underlying issues associated with a number of weight issues and disordered eating.

“If you keep doing the same thing, you will get the same result”

The good news is that when you do something different, or learn something new, you are actually forming new neural connections in your brain. So that ‘well worn’ neural pathway of when I get stressed I overeat, binge, purge, can be rewired to form a new healthier pathway.

Your brain is plastic and is constantly changing and studies have shown you can change your brain.



Product Description

I find this incredibly exciting and have found by applying the application of neuroscience with weight management, YOU can be a healthier version of you, allowing you to maintain the perfect weight for you, to regain your passion in your life, to feel more energised and vital about YOU and YOUR LIFE.

The Healthy Mind – Healthy Body – Healthy Weight program will look at:

  • Any underlying emotional issues and provide you with practical skills and tools which will enable you to take control of your health.
  • Provide you with life skills to nurture your emotional, physical and mental wellbeing.
  • Mindfulness techniques to gain a sense of connection between the mind, body and soul.
  • Learn how thought patterns and beliefs can impact upon your holistic health.
  • Learn how to create new neural connections/pathways which enables you to attain perfect health, vitality, and passion for your life.

When you book your program you will receive an email confirming the date of your first appointment (available via Skype or face to face on the Central Coast). You will also be sent an information pack, plus a hypnosis recording.

  • The first session is 1 ½ hours and involves history taking and a Resource Therapy session.
  • The follow up 3 sessions are 1 hour in duration and involve reinforcing through Hypnotherapy, plus working on any extra underlying issues that may prevent or sabotage your success.

Be the best version of YOU – a Healthy Mind- Healthy Body – Healthy Weight.

This package offers you 4 sessions. After the initial 1 ½ hour session, you will be given worksheets and your hypnosis CD which you will listen to daily. Whilst there is no diet, I will provide you with eating and exercise guidelines. You will find that with making you a priority, being more mindful, being more gentle and kind to yourself, moving your body through ½ hour of walking or stretching, plus listening to the positive suggestions via the hypnosis, you WILL make positive changes in your life and become the best version of a healthier you.


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