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Weight Loss Program – Tamika Dwight-Scott

Weight Loss Program – 4 sessions


Using a combination of Resource Therapy and Hypnotherapy has proved to be successful when working with clients who want to shed some weight. Resource Therapy looks at any underlying deeper psychological issues that may have developed patterns of binge eating or nurturing yourself through foodHypnotherapy is then used to reinforce positive changes in eating patterns and a healthy lifestyle.


Product Description

What is included in your Weight Loss program?

  • When you book your program you will receive a confirmation email. An information pack, plus a hypnosis recording will be emailed to you within 2 days.
  • The first session is 1 ½ hours and involves history taking and a Resource Therapy session.
  • The follow up 3 sessions are 1 hour in duration and involve reinforcing through Hypnotherapy, plus working on any extra underlying issues that may prevent or sabotage your success.

There are no diets involved, although I do offer suggestions on healthy eating and lifestyle change.


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