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Do yourself a favour. Go and see Tamika

I knew I needed help. I didn’t know whether I was grieving or grudging but I knew I was struggling. So I followed what was left of my instincts and took a step to see Tamika. Within 24 hours of reaching out, Tamika had phoned me, an appointment had been made and I knew someone was willing to help me.

One session with Tamika and I knew I wanted to see her again. She has a calm, composed and attentive presence that devotes itself to your story. Tamika does not rush you to tell your story but allows the conversation to follow its own course. You will find yourself later, reflecting on the wisdom that she shares as you talk. These gems sustain you because you recognise that they come from a place of deep awareness and understanding and that they apply to YOU.

I have seen Tamika several times and I have experienced an amazing shift in my belief about myself. I can hardly believe that it is me saying I feel empowered, focused and willing to face the future. It is a feeling that has a permanenceabout it because Tamika helps you realise the truth about yourself and your life in a way that makes you want to face it, embrace it and love it.

Thank you Tamika.

Judy, Sydney

Tamika’s support as a therapist for me has been life changing. Tamika is equipped with knowledge of different therapies and techniques which she applies to best suit the support I need each time I see her. We have worked with different therapies including resource therapy, gestalt, hypnosis and visualisation. With Tamika’s support I have accepted aspects of myself that I had previously rejected, gained awareness, healed pained and I am more and more realising my greatness. I am forever grateful.


Healer catclyst - Copy

Unconditional Love

Hello Tamika, I hope you are well. I would very much like to share a moment with you if I may….I had a moment in time today, a sudden moment, when I realised with absolute and certain clarity that I was wonderfully happy and without need of anything or anyone else to embellish that for me. I realised that I am perfect in this life, this body, this heart and soul. I need for nothing and no one…and so, in this moment, I lifted my face to the heavens, smiled and laughed out loud at the joy and peace I have found…..after a life time of living in the shadows, being angry at the world, and tormented by my demons, I have arrived!! Blessed be!!

I cannot thank you enough for setting me on the path I so needed to find, for giving me direction and for allowing me to find unconditional love within myself. With love xo

Lee, Cessnock

I will always be eternally grateful!

Tamika is a very gifted and special individual and an amazing therapist who changed my life’ I was a busy working single mother with 3 children and a partner of 6 years thinking I was juggling life well until one day I fell off a cliff into this dark place I had never been before.  I wasn’t aware at the time how I really wasn’t coping with the pressures and stress of life and all of a sudden I couldn’t concentrate, work or look after anyone, even myself and didn’t know why I couldn’t stop crying.
My very first session with Tamika at a retreat was incredibly mind altering and Tamika immediately found the source of my internal pain with her intuition and beautiful presence which was the start of my amazing journey
to climb back out of the darkness and live life again like never before. My partner and I are stronger and more in love then ever after I had though we were over, my children have learnt to respect me as an individual instead
of being a cleaner, money lender and taxi and I have learnt through Tamika to take the pressure off myself without having to please everyone in my life.  I have taken back control of my life, introduced personal boundaries and above all have learnt to always love and nurture myself.
For my fortunate meeting with Tamika and her ongoing guidance, love, friendship and the inner peace I have discovered, I will always be eternally grateful!


Healing, Transformation and Inner peace

Two and a half years ago my father passed away unexpectedly. Not only was I dealing with the sudden loss and the grief which soon followed on a level I have never before experienced, I also found that situations and traumatic experiences from my childhood had been brought to the surface. At the time I was a first time mother of a two year old child and a loving wife and all of a sudden my life felt like it had been thrown into turmoil. I couldn’t see a way out of the enraging storm that I was battling from within.

Feeling helpless and knowing how much I needed help to cope with the situation, my husband went about the arduous task of finding someone I could trust and have confidence in to share my grief and confusion with so that I could find a way forward, and he was lead to Tamika. Two and a half years later I cannot comprehend the transformation within myself that has occurred because Tamika has been able to openly work with me on many levels so that I can begin a healing journey filled with peace, love and life. She is also helping me work towards a future that doesn’t need to have all the pain and suffering from my past, which I have kept part of me simply because I didn’t know how to deal with it.

Tamika is warm and caring and from my very first meeting I had no fear or resistance with opening up to her. She has also worked with me to improve my relationship with myself. The impact this has had on my relationships with family and friends has been huge for me. I think back to the day that my husband was searching for the right person to help me, knowing how low and desperate I had become, and I count my blessings every day that we were lead to Tamika.

She has truly met her calling and I cannot recommend her enough if healing, transformation, inner peace and joy is what you are in search of.

Barbara, North Gosford NSW

Truly affirmed thoughts and feelings

As my astrologer, Tamika provides insight into areas of my life that are often unclear. Her reading increased an awareness of issues that I otherwise might have dismissed or never noticed, Tamika’s warm nature made my reading with her so comfortable. My reading truly affirmed thoughts and feelings I had about myself and gave me a burst of self-confidence and awareness. It was not only detailed and accurate, but also filled with compassion. I walked away from the experience forever changed and grateful, ready to face whatever lies ahead.  I love the mystery behind horoscope readings. I highly recommend Tamika to every potential client. I would like to thank you so much for your guidance; you are a beautiful warm hearted person. May the Universe send you blessing

Lesley Gosford – NSW

Very Grateful

I’m really grateful I was referred to Tamika by a friend as I have found immense benefit from our sessions. When I first started seeing her I would never have thought that I could have processed so much and feel this good in such a small space of time. Our sessions have helped me gain clarity in my life and to communicate more openly and effectively. I can’t recommend her highly enough. Tamika you are an amazing facilitator for gaining self-awareness, using the combination of Gestalt Therapy and Astrology has helped me move forward in my life in leaps and bounds. I feel more confident in myself and my ability to continue to grow as a person. Thank you so much.

Cassandra – Erina NSW


Tamika’s Readings have been comforting & helpful guiding methrough some of my challenging issues. It has given me an insight to work with my strengths & opportunities, fulfilling my life.  Thank you for your warm, compassionate nature

Helen, Central Coast – NSW


Thank you so very much for seeing me the other day and also for the lovely email you sent me, that song was beautiful and really spot on! Amazing! It couldn’t have come at a better time! Thank you so much for your help, I feel a great weight has been lifted from my shoulders and a new confidence that I haven’t really felt before. A new kind of peacefulness for me. You truly have a gift and I thank you for sharing it with me. It is lovely to know that you are out there doing your work and helping others, it is also comforting to me. As you said it may open a can of worms, I think more like Pandora’s box! Thank you again Tamika. Much Gratitude for you.



What you resist, persists

Tamika’s support and encouragement has provided insight and awareness that I struggled with for some time. Insight and awareness that has been very positive and yet, challenging at times.  With her warmth, caring and support fantastic opportunities and wonderful changes have happened in my life.   Thank you so much Tamika and I agree “what you resist, persists”.

Kerry,  Central Coast,  NSW

Thank you

Thank you Tamika for an Incredible Astrology Session, you helped me understand the past life energy that I have brought into this lifetime. I have experienced an incredible peace since then and a greater understanding of who I am, helping me to embrace every part of myself with love”.


Feeling Great

I have been seeing Tamika for the past 8 months for both personal & couples sessions. I have worked with a few different counselors over the past 15 years but none as good as Tamika. Tamika is a wonderful counsellor, both my partner & I have really worked through things positively since seeing Tamika & we are in a good place, her sessions are paying off! Personally Tamika is someone I trust to allow into my life & with her guidance I have seen myself push through some big issues helping me feel confident & I feel good about how I will approach new challenges in my life, thanks to Tamika. I regularly refer Tamika to friends of mine because I know she will be able to assist them as she has really helped me.

Elisa, Central Coast.

Source of inspiration and strength

Tamika, Thank you for the heart centered reading…. I felt so comfortable asking you questions and you were listening! There is such a peaceful and calm comfortable feeling to your voice, your tone is at once deeply knowledgeable and yet humble. But if I can just say wow because I never really believed in this sort of thing but you have been damn good at hitting something’s with me…. well I will look into myself and see if I can fix what needs to be fixed… man I am still shocked that you’re so good. I have some direction in my life now and feel a lot clearer in where I am heading. You have made me feel a little at peace now with my life, the direction I am going and the knowledge that yes, things are a little difficult now as far as getting the career thing to my satisfaction, but that in the near future, a more positive energy will manifest and I will then be able to manifest my vision…. You are in a class of your own. I have talked with other and recommended you and all your talents with great enthusiasm. I really feel you are a source of inspiration and strength to others on an emotional and spiritual level. What a comfort. Again, thank you and I do plan on employing you in future for reading and/or a reading for my family members. Wishes and joy.

Darren – Central Coast